Papakea FAQs

Q. I am trying to reach a guest at Papakea, What phone number do i call ?
The front desk can be reached at 408-348-6520, the front desk will route your call.

Q. What number do I call for Papakea Resort Maui Reservations ?
For reservations only call 408-348-6520 or book on line here at .

Q. Does the condo have a hair drier?

Q. Does the condo have WIFI

Q. Can I check in past 11 PM?
Yes, notify us about your arrival time and security will assist you

Q. How long does it take from the Kahului Airport to reach Papakea?
Paakea resort is about a 45 minute ride from the airport.

Q. Do I need to show ID at check in time?
Yes, ID is required along with a credit card imprint.

Q. How can I book activities and a Luau
Papakea has an activity agent in the lobby. Always use caution in activities, Maui waters and beaches.

Q. If I rent a a car is parking free?
Parking is included with the small resort fee paid at time of check in.

Q. Is the Papakea Resort near the Kaanapali beach walk?
Yes, the beach walk is accessible with a 10 minute walk to the south

Q. Is the Papakea resort near the Kaanapali hotels?
Yes, a 5 minute ride by car

Q.Can I reserve right now on line?
Yes, select BOOK NOW